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Materials, machinery used by different

For different steel materials, required the use of steel bar straightening machine types are differentiated. On the site in General, needed are all common hardness of steel materials, but some special buildings, sometimes using Super hardness of steel, is the most typical cold-rolled and twisted bars.
Cold-rolled and twisted bars strength design standard value of 1.71 times times that of conventional steel, was there enough and its processing into plastic. For such a special reinforcement material, ordinary steel bar straightening machine is "powerless", require power or even high speed straightening machine for processing.
Worth mentioning is that the twisted steel and concrete of the gripping force is large, the effect in the process of loading on the structure of bearing capacity and crack resistance had a beneficial effect, the micro-cracks of cast member very poor control results. Might be expected, cold-rolled and twisted bars will be the most "hot" material.

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