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Straightener feeder fault solving methods

Proper functioning of the machinery and equipment parts parts are relying on support to achieve, when problems arise when certain parts, equipment operation will fail accordingly.
Straightening machines, any straightening and cutting work there is a premise that is feeding. Feeding straightening machine to itself, but also at this first step, often there will be many problems, most common to not feed or feed slowly.
This failure occurs for many reasons, here the author a brief analysis for everyone. First of all, there are special reasons, such as blocking or power outage, the straightening machine itself isn't much, is the result of objective factors. Transmission sprocket off key, or a chain falling off is relatively common, in that as long as a brief check, again fixed it. Feeding the wheels could fall off in the box, before the treatment and a consistent, but if it is damaged, it must be replaced. Preset force is too large, this may have to do with action points must be, if we can find a suitable location can be resolved. In addition to these issues, feeding rounds suppressed the phenomenon can also occur there, you can try adjusting the material quantity or a direct replacement for the larger feed wheel.

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