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Straightening machine for safe operation

1, not allowed to pile up stuff on the machine to avoid mechanical vibration into the body.
2, racks, tank should be installed straight alignment guide tube, adjustable straight and the lower cutter hole center line.
3, turn the handwheel by hand, check the drive mechanism and device, adjust the clearance, tighten bolts, verify that normal, start running, check the bearing should be no abnormal sound, gear Yao is good, wait for after work, before work.
4, according to straighten steel bar diameter, choice of appropriate alignment and driving speed. Through qualified, before feeding.
5, in the straightening blocks are not fixed prior to the cover and hood may not be feeding. Job it is strictly prohibited to open the protective cover and adjust the clearance.
6, when the steel after the fed, hand wheel must maintain a certain distance near.
7, before feeding in straight head should be cut off, the guide tube should be packed in a 1-meter-long steel tubes, bars must first pass through pipes into straightening the front of the hole.
8, bars adjustment until the end, operators must avoid, avoid swinging cuts.
9, shorter than 2 metres or greater than 9 mm diameter steel bar straightening, should speed processing.
10, homework, should release the straightening and straightening of tube and returns to its original position and set up spring must return.

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