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Straightening machine maintenance

General machinery and equipment normally require maintenance, straightening machine is certainly no exception. Here, the authors provide some maintenance knowledge and attention that can give you some help.
Greater friction between various parts of mechanical parts, this results in no small loss. So before each time the machine starts, it is best not to forget to lubricate the rotating parts, ordinary lubricating oil, you do not need fancy.
Machine time is long, there will be some glitches. Reverse straight leg check is essential on a regular basis, and while a lot of attention to straighten tube side plane accumulates oxide skin and rust, guarantee straightener has the best straightening results.
To note bearing temperature equipment, more than 60 ℃, the work should stop properly cooling, remember not to fluky.
Well aware of entire machine structure, regular checks are essential, emergency situations and problems to be resolved in a timely manner.

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