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Straightening machine to avoid an overly long time operation

Straightening machine used in the site are generally required to take care of, if you need to handle more steel, is bound to have specialized staff for the Organization of work. Continuous round steel bar straightening plates pulled into the machine on the right hole, bent steel bar straightening, straightening of steel, placed in the bend machine table processing into Stirrups, waiting for the crane and transported them to the building on the property. Bar straightening, modeling work is a huge task, if steel demand, have to get thousands of products every day.
In this case, straightening machine operation of the overload may occur. In General, is not going to happen, but if it is on 24 hours a day operation, believes what the machine will stand. So usually when in operation, staff at rest at the same time, attention to machines should also "buffer", or if a failure occurs, is not worth it.

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