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Straightening machine types, features and operation

Straightener's main role is to bent or irregular profiles by straightening the formation rules of new materials, General materials construction materials, special steels, non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous metal. So, sometimes directly in the industry according to the different materials to be straightening machine type. Quality straightening machines, should have the basic features: stable performance, cut off error, low energy consumption, low failure rate. For a straightening machine to these, are very important, directly related to the equipment's life. In addition, straightening machines also have more stress, according to the different materials, you can choose appropriate alignment blocks, dragging Groove and drive speed. If straightening operations after a large deviation, you can adjust the limit switch or cut to length plate, until the suit so far. There is mechanical not stacked objects, objects to prevent mechanical vibration into the body. Security is also to be placed in the most important position, machine during the entire working process, staff must stay away from.

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