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Wire drawing machine how to energy saving

Used wire drawing machine understanding, drawing machine is power hungry. This power is mainly caused by a drawing machine cylinder heating. Because first of all when the heating heating coil needs its own heat, cylinder heat transfer to the wire drawing machine, then in the process of heat transfer inevitable part, loss of heat, waste heat is wasted energy. Due to the outer surface of the heating ring is sure to be exposed to the air, so that is a part of heat is not wasted in the air, which is equal to wasting electricity.
Drawing machine just heat transfer this aspects on in heating circle part loss has nearly 40% of electricity, to using drawing when also can energy-saving province electric, we can using a named electromagnetic heater of products, as long as in drawing machine material tube of surface wrapped Shang a layer insulation cotton, again plus a layer electromagnetic added Hotline circle, power Hou, electromagnetic added coil on will appeared Electromagnetic induction, material tube on will automatically fever, due to insulation cotton of exists generated of temperature and not to air in, power on such save down has, than up heating circle, Electromagnetic heater can at least save more than 30% of electricity, saving and cost-effective heating and very ideal, is now drawing machine the best working partner.

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Address: Yuzhao Machinery Industry Zone of Tonglu Zhejiang China

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