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Auxiliary Machine Start Running General Rules

Auxiliary machine to start the principle

Before the centrifugal fan starts, the inlet adjustment baffle and outlet baffle should be closed;

Before the start of the axial fan, in principle, the inlet adjustment baffle and the outlet baffle should be closed to prevent overloading during start-up, Auxiliary Machine and the start-up of the individual equipment is carried out as specified. Before the start of the fan is not allowed to reverse the phenomenon;

The main auxiliary start, there should be someone on the LCD screen to operate and monitor the current and start time, and send someone to monitor the local. If the time exceeds the specified value and the current does not return, should immediately stop the auxiliary operation;

6KV bus auxiliary machine can not start at the same time, 6KV auxiliary start should pay attention to observe the 6KV bus voltage changes;

The number of consecutive starts of the same auxiliary machine and the time interval required to restart after the stop shall be carried out according to the provisions of the motor operating procedures;

Equipment system put into operation, Auxiliary Machine where the interlock function should be put into the automatic interlock to ensure that the standby equipment linkage normal;

Auxiliary machine start, all can be used to start the use of functional groups as far as possible using the functional group to start;

Auxiliary machine in the event of a fault trip in the start, Auxiliary Machine should identify the cause of the trip and eliminate the fault before they can start again.

Auxiliary equipment operation general rules

Auxiliary equipment before the start of the inspection and preparation

After the maintenance of auxiliary equipment, must be tested after passing into the normal operation or as a backup;

Control circuit, electrical interlock, Auxiliary Machine thermal protection and automatic device should be verified to confirm that its work is normal;

Auxiliary machine should be checked before starting to confirm the start conditions with the rear to start. Standby auxiliary should be in a state that can be activated at any time. In addition, the standby equipment should be scheduled to switch regularly;

Auxiliary items should be inspected before starting:

 At the end of the maintenance work, the ticket has been withdrawn. Each manhole door closed tightly, the foot screw is firm, and the system is connected well. The wheel is flexible, Auxiliary Machine the rotation part of the safety cover has been installed, maintenance personnel have been evacuated to the scene;

The equipment and surroundings are clean and clean. Adequate lighting, fire facilities complete intact;

Equipment lubrication oil level normal, oil, oil temperature meet the requirements, Auxiliary Machine cooling water pipe flow, adequate flow;

Motor wiring and grounding wire intact, measuring insulation qualified; such as the motor by the maintenance, should be a separate test after passing with the auxiliary machine connection;

The door of the damper, the implementation of the baffle is complete, the connection lever is intact, the pneumatic door of the intake valve has been opened and confirmed the operation of flexible, Auxiliary Machine no jam phenomenon, the limit device action is good, and to check the LCD opening instructions and actual match The The door, the baffle has been driven test;

Contact the thermal workers, to the valve baffle valve, protection, signal, etc. to send gas, power;

The monitoring, measuring instruments complete well, indicating correct;

Auxiliary equipment transmission must be completed in the check work is completed, with start conditions after the;

DCS system has been put into operation for the operation and monitoring with the LCD screen display, sound and light alarm normal;

Accident button and protective cover complete, good test;

Different auxiliary start should also be based on the characteristics of its equipment to check.

Auxiliary machine trial

Received a secondary machine to test the notice, should confirm the heat engine, electrical, thermal all maintenance work is over, the work ticket to recover;

Fan test should be in the furnace, flue, preheater and other work end, manhole door, check the door has been closed, the work of the votes back, and according to the actual situation after the arrangements for security measures;

Auxiliary maintenance after the maintenance of personnel must be present;

Auxiliary machine test run should be running for 1 hour (with special provisions, according to the provisions of the implementation), until the Ministry of temperature, Auxiliary Machine vibration are in line with the requirements;

Maintenance of auxiliary motor single test results

Blower, coal mill motor single trial before, in order to prevent running oil, oil system should be confirmed to normal operation, or in the oil pump before the power can be carried out;

Fan, pulverizer motor unit before trial operation, should confirm that the baffle in the normal standby, or should be on the baffle power or gas source can be stopped before.

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