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The Characteristics Of The Drawing Machine

It is widely used in industrial applications, mainly used in machinery manufacturing, metal processing, petrochemical, plastics, bamboo products, wire and cable and other industries.

Drawing machine according to its use can be divided into metal wire drawing machine, Wire Drawing Machine plastic wire drawing machine, bamboo drawing machine. The metal wire drawing machine is mainly used for the pre-processing of metal products such as standard parts. The plastic wire drawing machine is mainly used in the plastic products industry to produce all kinds of hollow, solid circles with polyester, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene and polyester chips. Silk or flat wire for deep processing of special equipment; bamboo wire drawing machine is mainly used for bamboo and wood products industry in the production of chopsticks, toothpicks, barbecue sticks, etc. pull out bamboo wire, Wire Drawing Machine wood for re-processing of special equipment.

It is particularly noteworthy that the metal wire drawing machine is a standard parts and other metal products production pre-processing equipment, the purpose is to produce by the steel manufacturer to the standard parts and other metal products manufacturing enterprises wire or bar through the drawing machine drawing , So that the diameter of wire or bar, roundness, internal metallographic structure, surface finish and straightening have reached the standard parts and other metal products required for the production of raw materials processing requirements. Therefore, Wire Drawing Machine the wire drawing machine on the pretreatment of these products is directly related to the standard parts of metal products manufacturing enterprise product quality.

Drawing machine, also known as drafting machine, Wire Drawing Machine is the processing of metal wire in the important equipment for the processing of metal raw materials into a variety of wire.

The drawing machine can be classified according to the size of the drawing machine, or it can be classified according to the structure inside the drawing machine.

According to the size of the drawing machine, the drawing machine can be divided into large drawing machine, medium drawing machine, small drawing machine,

According to the drawing machine structure and control mode, Wire Drawing Machine can be divided into water tank type, pulley type, straight into the main type of several wire drawing machine.

For a wide range of wire drawing machine, in the choice of different requirements, different precision of different specifications of the product, different types of metal to choose.

For example: double-frequency control of the fine drawing machine, the required control performance is relatively low, in the copper and aluminum substrate wire and cable production enterprises more widely used, and the use of straight into the wire drawing machine is more used in most steel wire production enterprises , Wire Drawing Machine For steel properties, the accuracy requirements and pull the stability of high;

Drawing machine from the line, drawing, water, cable and cable and other parts of several parts, including electrical transmission part of the main line by the motor, wire motor and cable motor to achieve its production quality and efficiency for enterprises Vital.

The main composition of the drawing machine determines the basic steps of the drawing process, the following to copper wire drawing process to briefly explain;

Drawing process is mainly by the line, drawing, take a few basic steps

1. Release line: the wire of the line, for the entire wire drawing machine link, the control is not too high precision requirements, most of the drawing machine, the operation of the line is driven by the frequency converter to achieve, but also Part of the double-frequency control of the drawing machine, and even directly through the wire drawing wire tension drawn into the wire drawing machine, Wire Drawing Machine to achieve free off line;

2. Drawing: Drawing is the most important part of the drawing machine. Different metal materials, different silk varieties and requirements, drawing links are very different, the article will be described later in detail the water tank drawing machine and straight into the drawing machine specific operation process;

3. Take-off: take the link part of the working speed determines the entire drawing machine production efficiency, but also the most difficult part of the entire system control. In the take-up part, the commonly used control technology has synchronous control and tension control to achieve the winding of metal products;

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