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Drawing Machine Installation Requirements

The installation of the Wire drawing machine is a big problem, the following is a small addendum for you to explain the wire drawing machine installation requirements.

1, the installation base of wire drawing machine should be fixed firmly, Wire Drawing Machine to avoid vibration phenomenon;

2, the installation should be through debugging to make the tensile axis of wire and the center line of the die-hole symmetrical, so that the wire and pull line of the stress effect uniform;

3, pull the process to avoid frequent start-up parking, because the pull start when the tensile stress caused by friction than normal drawing when the friction is much greater, Wire Drawing Machine this will inevitably increase the wear of the mold.

Wire drawing machine is widely used in machinery manufacturing, metal processing, petrochemical, plastic, bamboo products, wire and cable industries, we are in the use of wire drawing must pay attention to safe operation, the following is the benefit of the small series for you to explain the operation wire drawing machines safety precautions.

1, the boot should be carefully check the equipment gas supply, gas pipeline leakage, Wire Drawing Machine discharge of water in the air filter.

2, carefully check the upper and lower bearing seat and the lifting screw lubrication is good, determine the material on the front of no one can boot.

3, the operator must wear gloves to prevent workpiece burn finger and affect product quality.

4, the equipment in the process of abnormal phenomenon, Wire Drawing Machine should be shut down immediately, power outage, in order to prevent the failure to expand.

5, the equipment should be closed in the overhaul of the total power supply, and licensing is strictly prohibited, so as not to cause accidents.

6, no wire drawing machine and dust collection fan at the same time start, Wire Drawing Machine strictly prohibited after the operation personnel left the post.

7, strictly prohibit the workpiece without supporting plate directly on the conveyor belt drawing, strictly prohibit the wooden pallet without block directly put the workpiece wire drawing, so as not to damage the conveyor belt and the workpiece flying out wounding.

8, drawing machine pressure adjustment should be moderate, under the general conditions of the pressure gauge should be in the 35~75 between the red line, Wire Drawing Machine so as not to cause equipment or personal accidents.

9, equipment in the normal operation of the state is strictly prohibited to adjust the air pressure, in order to avoid uncontrolled sand belt caused equipment, personal accidents.

Wire drawing machine is a kind of machine that can improve production efficiency, do you know the advantage of drawing machine? The following is the benefit of the small addendum for you to explain the use of wire drawing machine advantages.

First can increase the gloss of processed products, we all know that a lot of products in the beginning of production, the surface will have a lot of burr, and these Burr manual is not clean, but with the wire drawing machine is not the same, can be handled in a short time smooth and delicate, so that the product looks very shiny.

Second, to shorten the time, efficient production, in the previous treatment of drawing this aspect of the problem when using artificial or traditional wire drawing machine, production time is long, efficiency is not very high, but since the drawing machine came out, it has changed, wire drawing machine can automatically check out the product is not smooth and Burr place, and then start processing, will burr scraping flat, Wire Drawing Machine so that the product smooth as new.

The last is to save manpower and financial resources, wire drawing machine does not need too much cost can buy, but its value is not negligible, it can replace a lot of artificial this aspect, saving a lot of manpower, while drawing machine can also and several traditional drawing machine workload almost, saving the cost of purchasing machines, that is, saving money.

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