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High Production Efficiency Of Wire Drawing Machine

Do you have any preparation before using the wire drawing machine or read the instructions? Now, Xiao Bian to give you a talk about wire drawing machine related use note.

In the operation of the Wire drawing machine, first in the boot, we have to choose the appropriate fixture according to the work task, and then according to the installed, the next point to move the table forward, so that the workpiece in the bottom of the sand belt, and then point up, it is best to control the workpiece and sand belt in just contact with the state. Loaded with work, start sand belt, point forward, rise, Wire Drawing Machine workpiece processing, exit the workpiece, check the quality of the workpiece, in the process, if any abnormal noise or failure, immediately press the emergency stop button, and then check, repair normal after normal work.

All right, is that clear? I'll tell you something else before you use it.

The first step: before work must be careful to understand the use of this wire drawing machine instructions.

Step two: Clean up the equipment and work outside of things, Wire Drawing Machine give the work platform a sufficient space.

The third step: check whether the sand belt and workpiece processing numbers are consistent. The replacement of the Ribbon, in 3 or so without abnormal conditions can work.

Special attention to the wire drawing machine is not a professional person to operate, Wire Drawing Machine the workpiece to adjust the operation not too big too.

At present, the domestic metal products industry's overall level of technical level and equipment, compared with the industrialized countries still have a larger gap, in the wire drawing machine mainframe, ancillary equipment, lubrication technology, wire production, drawing die quality and so on is still relatively backward; facing the actual situation of our country's metal products industry, it is not practical to pursue the advanced large-scale, high-speed wire drawing machine. Also not available; for drawing machine designers and manufacturers, Wire Drawing Machine the focus should be on the design, manufacturing operation, maintenance, and simple, High production efficiency of wire drawing machine.

At present, the international design and manufacture of wire drawing machine has two main guiding principles; one is Italy, Germany, Sweden and other European industrial developed countries for the representative, advocated wire drawing machine to large, high-speed looper, straight-line direction, the other is to Japan as the representative, that the wire drawing machine has a higher speed, combined with advanced auxiliary equipment, to the combination of wire drawing machine direction.

European countries with advanced mechanical, Wire Drawing Machine electrical industrial systems, first in the drawing die and lubrication technology and reel water cooling system to make breakthroughs, so that wire drawing speed and quality greatly improved, the main wire drawing machine is living sets, linear and water tank drawing machine. But our country's concrete situation is the operation worker's technical level is low, the drawing lubricant sex E, the wire quality and so on can not meet the high speed drawing request, specially the DC system electrical component quality and the reliability makes the product factory to feel the operation maintenance difficulty is big. Under the current conditions, I think that the development of wire drawing machine in China's metal products industry should not pursue such high-grade advanced wire drawing machine. Although its advantages are known, Wire Drawing Machine but the domestic auxiliary, matching level, will make this type of wire drawing machine in the production of actual performance indicators, resulting in investment waste, recycling time too long.

Japan in the design and manufacture of wire drawing machine, compared with the European countries a little gap, but in the auxiliary equipment, simplifying the electrical control system and so on a lot of work; its guiding principle is that the wire drawing machine should be operated, maintained simply and conveniently, with advanced and efficient auxiliary equipment to improve the production efficiency. Wire Drawing Machine First of all, it makes a breakthrough in AC frequency conversion speed regulation, so that the electrical system of wire drawing machine becomes simpler, reliable, easy to operate and maintain. Another feature is that it advocates the use of combined wire drawing machine, in order to ensure the quality of steel wire under the premise of minimizing equipment investment. The typical process of medium 5.5 heavy wire as raw material is inverted, and its concrete method is: using qb600 or qb560 pulley type drawing machine as the opening bad machine is arranged in the front end of the combined drawing machine, the middle configuration qb400 pulley-type wire drawing machine, the finished product before the use of double reel wire drawing machine, the purpose is to prepare for not stopping the unloading line, and make the steel wire in the finished die to reduce the number of torsion, and the finished reel and linear wire drawing machine, with two-way straightening mechanism, Basically eliminates the torsional effect of the steel wire in the front of the secondary drawing, and finally configures the large-scale rotary line-receiving machine or other continuous unloading machine to improve the efficiency of the drawing line.

Combined drawing machine fully utilizes the advantages of various types of wire drawing machines, the quality of steel wire has been improved greatly, and the method of AC frequency conversion is used to make the combined wire drawing machine have the same adjustment range as the movable sleeve or linear wire drawing machine, which has a larger machine compression rate, and is adaptable to various process routes.

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