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Preparations For Straightening Device Before Debugging

Many straightening machine after the installation is complete, you need to debug, early detection capabilities of the device on the one hand, and from a security point of view, to minimize the disturbance. Before debugging, some preparations are not small.
First of all, straightening machines should be installed in a flat on the ground, and also to put some cushion in the top, preventing the machine from speed and vibration. Host should be connected to the slide on the same line, parallel as far as possible.
Next, rotate the punch head, and cutting Assembly engage directly engage does not need to be adjusted. Otherwise, height to adjust the sliding bracket pulley until the appropriate. Here might want to adjust times, must be patient, adjusted to the most comfortable position.
Wheel motors and cutting tip line at adjustment time, attention under parts are fully seated. If running in the loose accessories, it is a tricky thing, so be sure to try to prevent the emergence of such a situation.
Adjustment, increase the angle of the Middle three parts, bean appears curved, narrow angle, at the same time turn the slide the slider to the size needed, with screw fastening the sliders.
Above, preparations for straightening machine to debug if all is ready, then you can debug for normal operation. After you finish debugging, without any problems, they can be put into use.

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