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Recovery And Reuse Of Data By Auxiliary Machine

Injection molding machine Plastics need auxiliary machine help to produce qualified plastic products, so in order to improve the product pass rate, Auxiliary Machine then the following auxiliary machine function is we can not be ignored.

Auxiliary machine-Vertical mixer

Used for mixing of different materials, can also be used to add toner after mixing evenly. If mixing uneven will lead to chromatic aberration some problems. So mix with mixer.

Auxiliary machine-Dehumidifying dryer

Some plastics are very easy to absorb moisture in the air during storage, which increases moisture content of raw materials. With this high moisture content of raw materials injection molding products, the injection molded parts will produce bubbles or markings, Auxiliary Machine such as the apparent quality of the problem, more serious will reduce the product performance indicators. Therefore, we should use desiccant dryer to dry the plastic raw materials.

Auxiliary machine-cold water machine

To the injection molding machine mold, Auxiliary Machine or extruder sink refrigeration, can be constant temperature between 5-30 degrees, can also be used for other cooling occasions. If the temperature does not cause the product to rise, prolong the production cycle and other undesirable phenomena.

Auxiliary machine-Mould temperature machine

To the injection molding machine mold, Auxiliary Machine or extruder die head heating, can be constant temperature between 50-200 degrees. It can also be used in other occasions where heating is required. If the mold temperature does not all lead to the product surface bump, internal shrinkage and hot bubble and other defects.

Auxiliary machine-Suction machine

Automatic feeding to the injection molding machine. When the material barrel of the injection molding machine lacks material, it will give the suction machine signal. Auxiliary Machine If the artificial feeding, forget to feed, you have to stop drying to do. Waste labor, and easy to cause the material dry enough.

Auxiliary machine-Grinder

Crush Waste Plastics to make it recyclable. Not only for injection molding plants, is currently widely used in all recyclable plastics, can be realized data recovery and reuse.

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