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Small Machinery

CNC straightening machine products, has a small straightening machines and equipment, the models just to market soon, but the reputation is very good, has it's own advantages.
This CNC straightening machine with batch display window number, length of display window and display window displayed when setting the time enter the batch number, length and work displays the working length of the batch quantity, will have prompts displayed after a few seconds the next batch number is.
Although small machines, but the keys are also very convenient. Whether the numeric keys or the other keys, it is very flexible to use.
In terms of peripherals and a range of lighting systems is essential. Most typical warning lights, DC lamps, front and rear lights. The lighting equipment is used, must be constantly able to open properly.
A small steel bar straightening and cutting machine controlled by micro-computer, electronic digital scale, automatic straightening, automatically cut off. Number of input the length and number of computer memories, efficient and convenient. Smooth operation, low failure rate, and easy maintenance.
Of course, small devices in power are relatively less, cutting the material for some large, may be beyond help.

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Address: Yuzhao Machinery Industry Zone of Tonglu Zhejiang China

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