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Steel Bar Straightening Machine For Safe Operation

1, equipment must be undivided and certified.
2, operators are not allowed to leave the machinery in the job far away, last disks, wire, cut off the leader must stop.
3, in the process of straightening steel when steel out of the tray Guide material Groove, not to fixed-length agencies, as well as wire or steel bars when you take off, please press the limit switch, stop cutting rebar, to adjust the rear must use.
4, each variable until the end or adjustable straight short when the steel bars, should hold the casing to escort reinforcement guides and straightening tube, not when its free swinging injury accident occurred.
5, straightening mode is not fixed prior to the cover, protective cover, are not allowed to wear into the bars to prevent switch on the machine and straightening mode fly out the injured people.
6, the machinery is in operation shall not be adjusted drum, wearing gloves is strictly prohibited actions, and banning the machines in process to carry out maintenance work.
7, straightening and cutting of steel, according to the size and number of roots divided into small bundles of neatly stacked, no rubble to prevent accidents caused by steel compositions and performances of different quality, operation, you must cut off the power supply.
8, strictly enforce the "cross-job approach", make sure the machine is in good working condition.

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