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Steel Processing Machinery Will Be Developing

The experts are expected over the next 5 years reinforced mechanized processing in China will enter a period of rapid development, and straightening machines as the most commonly used steel straightening equipment, is also about to begin your "leap forward" in the road.
Reinforced professional processing are required for construction works with a variety of different types of steel processing in the factory, then delivered directly to the building site. Commercialization of reinforcement and concrete usage reflects a national industrialization and level of development of construction technology. Because of China's steel production lagged behind the concrete has become a bottleneck restricting construction mechanization and increasing. Formed steel industrial production in Europe and other developed countries has developed rapidly, and comprehensive deep processing of steel in China is very low. In order to change our steel processing decentralized backwardness, specialization of steel processing industry has been the national attention.
According to statistics, at present running cutting machines, bending machines, straightening machines, there are about more than 300,000 units, was largely based on the construction site using stand-alone models. Although the number is not too little, but could not have begun to meet the industry's needs. As the industry slowly rise, straightening machine of such machinery and equipment also will be a leap in the number of processes. In addition, on the type, is no longer confined to the General machinery, intelligent and CNC-type devices will appear in more and more markets.

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