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Straightening Machine Of Special 'phenomenon'

Straightening machine itself has some special properties where I inserted a steel rod material, for example, to introduce these kinds of properties, for all to see.
First of all, to say to be self-inductance of the steel bar straightening machine, when in closed loop current changes, is produced by the current through the circuit itself is magnetic flux changes, induced electromotive force in a loop, this phenomenon is known as self-induction of straightening machine, the induced EMF is called self-inductance electromotive force.
Second is the electromotive straightening machine, due to other forms of energy into electricity in a circuit caused by the potential difference, called a steel bar straightening and electrical potential or simply potential.
Finally, steel bar straightening machine transformers, if there are two coils are close to each other, is the first produced by the current in the coil of flux part of chain with the second coil. When the first coil current is changed, then the flux with the second coil ring chain changes, EMF is induced in the second coil. This phenomenon is called the phenomenon of mutual inductance.
These types of "property" is closely related to physics, in the specific procedure, workers can take full advantage of these properties, easy to operate.

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