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Straightening Machines, Fixed-length

Good straightening machine, not just straightening function alone, there are fixed-length. For example, to straighten a piece of raw steel in the construction site and length of rebar into several equal parts, this to straighten it, fine "piece of cake".
Of course, powerful function depends on the reasonable structure to support, switch machine, plate rack, straightening cylinders, traction, base, shear box bodies, rack accessories and equipment must be tightly integrated into one, so that you can play the greatest role.
So-called plate rack, is a place of material. Straighten tube was reinforced after entering the device from the dish rack, different types of straightening of tube, straightening results are not the same, it depends on the specific requirements. Through adjusting the straight out to enter the active roll rotation, followed by a cut. Cutting work is done by cutting mechanism and shear structure with upper and lower cutting tool, ensure the smooth steel bar cutting. Finally to the rack, the rack is fixed-length mechanism of straightening and cutting machine, shelves for long length plates, cut according to the length of the need to adjust the position, finished cut that is reset, this ensures a cutting length of steel bar under request.

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