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Straightening Unit Straightening Bending Machine

Straightening machines and other mechanical equipment, there are many different types, this is to introduce the bending and straightening machines (also known as a tension leveler).
As its name suggests, its role is to correct, mainly made up of two parts, one is the straightening units, including bending rolls and rolls. Another part of the tension rollers and the drive, tension roller set by the entrance tension roller set and export the tension roller groups.
So, what this equipment is mainly used in place? For example, after annealing of cold-rolled sheet in the factory, often have poor flatness. In order to meet the subsequent processing requirement, using a variety of straightening method in the factory, widely is the bending and straightening machines. After this straightening machine, sheet, itself does not extend only to surface almost straight, straightening effect is very good. But for the thickness of the plate, which would be difficult to play a role.
So before the straightening operation, to judge the thickness of plates under, so as to avoid unnecessary loss of work, and requirements within the thickness of the sheet, may rest assured that the "sent to" stretch-bend straightening machine operation, will make you satisfied.

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