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The Auxiliary Machine Is The System Controlled By The Computer

The main function of the auxiliary machine is to provide the machine with the rubber required for processing or other materials that need to be used in the process of production. Simple to say is the material of the tool, because the auxiliary machine efficiency is higher, and the material is not special and processing raw material chemical effect, for many factories have auxiliary machine can greatly improve the efficiency of the work.

The auxiliary machine is the computer control system, the computer implementation real-time monitoring can control to the current machine production situation. Understand the current material reserves in the machine, Auxiliary Machine when the material is not enough, the computer can remotely control the completion of the work in a short period of time. And the computer also records the amount of added material, which greatly improves the efficiency of the work. Auxiliary Machine and the computer control of the upper accessory system response fast, Auxiliary Machine simple operation can give a lot of factories to bring benefits.

The auxiliary machine time needs to carry on the strict control to the system, because now the auxiliary machine is carries on the operation on the system, must to the system to carry on the promotion and the improvement in time and usually also must check the auxiliary machine machine's part condition. Especially after the use of a period of time to check whether the parts have loose conditions, Auxiliary Machine and to pay attention to clean up the work, the auxiliary machine to clean up the material.

With the rapid development of science and technology, the production process automation, the degree of information requirements more and more high, the original production model has been far from meeting the current high degree of automation, information needs. Auxiliary machine

Can reduce labor intensity, auxiliary machine, ensure production reliability, safety, reduce production costs, reduce environmental pollution, improve product quality and economic benefits is an essential component of enterprise production.

Auxiliary machine is a set of automatic control technology, metrology technology, sensor technology, computer software, information management technology, Auxiliary Machine communication technology in one of the electromechanical integration system equipment; With weight value digital display, process screen dynamic display, formula modification management, fast batching, high control precision, The Computer Management software and PLC control system are used as the integral part of the whole system, Auxiliary Machine which has the functions of automatic storage of production data, all the report of the batching process and the statistics and printing of class, day and month. The system uses the open control mode, the auxiliary machine characteristic, the compatibility is strong, the open database. can achieve true control integration.

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