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The Main Performance Characteristics Of The Drawing Machine

Drawing machine is widely used in machinery manufacturing, metal processing, petrochemical, plastics, bamboo products, wire and cable industries. Here we introduce the development process of wire drawing machine and performance characteristics introduced.

development path

For different conditions, different materials and different precision requirements of the product, you can choose different specifications of the drawing machine. Wire Drawing Machine In the wire and cable industry manufacturing enterprises, double-frequency control of the fine drawing machine is more widely used because of its lower control performance requirements. In most of the wire production enterprises, for the material properties, Wire Drawing Machine the accuracy requirements and pull the stability of high characteristics, generally straight into the use of more wire drawing machine. With the development of production technology, the control of AC frequency conversion technology in electrical system has gradually replaced the work of DC drive and torque motor, Wire Drawing Machine and established the dominant position of frequency conversion technology in wire drawing machine equipment.

Introduction and Performance Characteristics of Wire Drawing Machine Industry

Wire drawing machine in the steel industry, wire and cable industry and metal building materials industry is the most common. Is one of the main equipment for many metal wire processing. Wire Drawing Machine Drawing machine equipment generally has the impact of load characteristics, requiring starting torque, low speed full torque output characteristics. In the cable system, the general requirements of multiple high-speed precision ratio of linkage control, drive characteristics require a higher load.

Drawing machine structure and classification The main performance characteristics of the wire drawing machine is the copper wire processed into a variety of fine lines, Wire Drawing Machine which generally by the line, water, cable and cable and other components, of which the electrical transmission part of the main line by the motor , Take-up motor and cable motor. In the type, the drawing machine can be divided into large drawing machine, Wire Drawing Machine middle drawing machine, small drawing machine and micro drawing machine. From the drawing machine internal control methods and structure can be divided into water tank type, pulley type, straight into the main and several.

The drawing machine is widely used in machinery manufacturing, metal processing, petrochemical, plastic, bamboo and wood products, wire and cable, etc. Wire Drawing Machine It is widely used in industrial applications. industry. According to its use can be divided into metal wire drawing machine (for the standard parts and other metal products pre-processing), plastic wire drawing machine (for the plastic products industry in polyester, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester chips as raw materials All kinds of hollow, Wire Drawing Machine solid garden wire or flat wire for deep processing of specialized equipment), bamboo wire drawing machine (for wood products industry in the production of chopsticks, toothpicks, barbecue sticks, etc. pull out bamboo wire, wood for re-processing of special Equipment) and so on. The same time as

What is the characteristics of the drawing machine:

1, the machine design is reasonable, stable operation, easy to operate, Wire Drawing Machine processing efficiency than the traditional process has improved several times.

2, conveyor belt, drawing roller, polishing roller driven by the import motor, frequency control.

3, drawing roller, polishing roller with quick release, facelift convenient, accurate positioning, a high degree of calculation table reading, easy to operate and accurate.

4, lifting the use of dovetail slot movements, the machine are frequency control.

5, according to the different wood and processing effects, different types of machine configuration number of different drawing roller, polishing roller.

Mainly used for stainless steel, stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum, signs, Wire Drawing Machine decorative panels and other surface matte, drawing, pull (NO.3, NO.4, short wire, snow filament or filament, HL, straight silk). After processing the workpiece surface smooth and smooth, smooth lines, will not leave the shadow, the transition zone or uneven texture, etc. The series of machines with the use of economic and durable, wide range of applications, low processing costs.

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