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The Power Saving Effect Of Wire Drawing Machine Is Good

1, wire drawing machine is an important equipment in metal wire processing, which belongs to the impact load. Its production quality and efficiency are vital to the enterprise. Wire drawing machine can be atmosphere pulley, Looper type, straight line three kinds. Wire Drawing Machine With the development of production technology, AC frequency Conversion Technology and PLC program control have gradually replaced DC motor and torque motor, and established the leading position.

2, wire drawing machine to inverter requirements

(1) Require inverter 0.5HZ up to 150% of the starting torque.

(2) It is required to realize the proportional transport control of multiple units, Wire Drawing Machine and the output frequency can be adjusted automatically with the change of load and voltage.

(3) The use of common DC bus mode control, Wire Drawing Machine energy-saving effect is good.

(4) with safe and automatic shutdown function.

(5) Broken 2 wire protection. Automatic downtime.

(6) Each wire drawing head can start independently. Stop it. Speed.

(7) Low speed soft start. Start speed and time adjustable.

(8) Each head is provided with a low-speed point switch.

(9) The machine has linkage function, can start and stop at the same time.

(10) The equipment controls the interface of the receiving line machine. The wire-receiving machine and tail head work synchronously, also can open separately.

(11) No start impact current, will not cause load voltage fluctuations in the power grid. and current. Voltage can be observed at any time.

During the operation of the drawing machine, the load characteristics of the motor and generator are often occurred, while the load is the motor characteristic, the slip difference of the motor is positive, and changes with the load; Conversely, when the load is the generator characteristic, Wire Drawing Machine the motor slip is negative, easy to surpass the synchronous speed, its negative planting and the generator characteristic size proportional, Therefore, can not be high precision proportional linkage control.

Drawing machine is widely used at the same time there is also a problem worth our research, wire drawing machine that is the control of temperature, Wire Drawing Machine because in the actual operation of the temperature rise to a certain extent, the material will become smaller. How should this be handled properly?

This is certainly related to the nature of the material, if the drawing machine temperature exceeds the temperature it can withstand, shape, performance will change. Therefore, in the operation, according to the condition of the parts of the temperature adjustment, Wire Drawing Machine in the case of no use of additives, the temperature must be at a slow rate to a certain degree, so as not to cause a sudden increase in adverse effects.

Drawing machine will be more and more widely used in the future, so the understanding of it must be in-depth, comprehensive, and to do very good operation, Wire Drawing Machine but also to solve the problem of specific skills, so as not to affect the final drawing quality.

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