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The Story Behind The Invention Of The Straightening Machine

Every plant has its role in the long development process, machinery and equipment is growing, and even indispensable. Then, in the era of the first hand, how these devices are being developed? Is generated in the context of how it?
Steel bar straightening machine, it is the maintenance of building steel-tube scaffold mechanical. Initially there is no such device, later expanding size of domestic construction, bamboo scaffolding steel was building rapidly replaced. However, the pipe through the Sun and rain for a long time, there will be rust, pipe wall thinning, prone to bending in the construction demolition and removal, reducing the service life, resulting in a series of safety problems.
For many construction companies spend a lot of manpower and material resources to do maintenance of steel pipe, but the result was unsatisfactory. In this context, started slowly with only steel bar straightening machine prototype. Later, through continuous development, its role is more and more obvious, and has become one of the indispensable machinery equipment on construction sites.

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